Pastor Michael Bovingdon  (Pastor Mike        
We are a relatively new congregation here in Douglas County, officially organized as
a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1993. We want
you to get to know us and to consider us your church family!

We are a vibrant congregation with a diverse population, from loads of children to our retired members.
At Good Shepherd there is a place for everyone and all are wanted and needed as we seek to share
the blessings of Jesus Christ in this community. We reach out through worship, our homeless ministry,
our ministry to poorer children in our schools, our many youth groups, our Bible Studies, special
fellowship and service events, and in too many other ways to list.

At Good Shepherd there is a safe haven in the brokenness of this world. There is a message of life
and love  in the celebration of faith. Here you will find a people who believe that the joy of life is
found in loving our Lord and loving each other. Judgment belongs somewhere else, not in God’s house.

Come see us! Come Worship! Come fellowship with us on Wednesday Nights!  Come be a part of a family
founded on the joy and diversity of Jesus Christ. You are wanted and you are welcome!
May God share his light with you today and in the days to come! 


                                                    JULY 2017 

There it was, I couldn’t believe it… I didn’t want to believe it, but it was there right before my very eyes.  My name was the third one down the sheet telling me that next year, my 6th grade year.  I would be in Mrs. Newsome’s class. I didn’t grow up with a Jr. High, so the 6th grade (and even the 7th) were still considered Elementary School. That meant you were in class all day with the same teacher and next year I would have Mrs. Newsome.

 Mrs. Newsome had the reputation as the meanest and hardest teacher at Mt. Olive Elementary and as hard as I had prayed that it wouldn’t happen...well, like I said, there was my name on the list of students in her class.  I remembered the words of Jesus from the cross: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” 

I tried not to live in fear all summer.  I found diversions to take my mind off of the looming catastrophe by playing ball, going swimming, basically doing summer stuff with my friends, but that could only last so long. It was September, and school was starting. 

 My 6th grade year in Mrs. Newsome’s class was one of the best years of my early school life. I learned and grew in many ways. The fear I had of her was turned into admiration, respect, and appreciation. She ran a tight ship because she cared. She cared that her students learn and grow to be caring and responsible citizens. He job and her students mattered to her. 

I never thanked Mrs. Newsome for all she meant to me and for the difference she made in my life. It is too late now, but in a life to come I will share with her all I need to say. I have thanked God for Mrs. Newsome and for all the people he has sent to love me, guide me, and make me better than I would have been. I also need to take the time to thank them. 

 I’ll start with you….the family of Good Shepherd. I am thankful for the gracious and merciful love of God that you show to each other and to this community. This Easter season you remind me of how close the risen Lord is to each of us, you remind me that there is a greater love and purpose in this life. You make a difference and you make me, and each other, better than we would have been without you.

 I hope you do better than I did with Mrs. Newsome. Take the time to thank those who matter to you. Let them know they made a difference. God has sent some wonderful people into our lives.  We are most blessed!

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Mike