Who is Serving?

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’ ” Luke 4:8



Serving in Ministry for the Month of MAY 2017


Sunday, May 7th

8:30 –Guitarist: Pastor Mike; Acolyte: Bradlee Ray

Crucifer:    Reader: Rick Detraz

Ushers: Dave & Jane Bucko; Greeters: Leonard & Sue Murphy


10:30 - Organist: David Slim; Choir Director: Randy Stephens

Acolyte: Elijah Moyo; Crucifer: Emma Brown;

Reader: Erasmus Moyo; Intoning the Psalm: Randy Stephens

Communion Assistant: Jessie Jenkins; Altar Guild on Duty: Sue Murphy

Ushers: Joe Sneddon, Eric Reinhard

Counters: Seth Gunnels & Susen Sanders
: Keith & Michelle Buterbaugh


Sunday, May 14th

8:30 - Guitarist: Pastor Mike; Acolyte

Crucifer:  Reader: Linda Tiller; Communion Assistant: Leonard Murphy

Altar Guild Member on Duty: Joan Larsen;

Ushers: Irwin & Linda Tiller Greeters: Leila & Paulette Bovingdon


10:30 – Organist: David Slim; Choir Director: Randy Stephens

Acolyte: Sage Smith; Crucifer: Ethan Sanders

Reader: Lynne Williams; Intoning the Psalm: Adam Holzhauer;

Ushers: Joe Sneddon, Eric Reinhard

Counters: Bethany Holzhauer & Wendy Flory; Greeters: Paul & Judy Dammes


Sunday, May 21st

8:30 - Guitarist: Pastor Mike; Acolyte: Bradlee Ray

Crucifer:  Reader: Shannon Weathers; Ushers: Shannon & Kristi Weathers

Greeters:  Jill Zuehkle


10:30 - Organist: David Slim; Choir Director: Randy Stephens

Acolyte: Jackson Stear; Crucifer: Eileen Moyo;

Reader: Joe Williams; Communion Assistant: Paulette Bovingdon;

Altar Guild Member on Duty: Paul & Judy Dammes

Intoning the Psalm: Skip Welch;

Ushers: Joe Sneddon, Eric Reinhard

Counters: Glen Schillinger & Tarice Nail;

Greeters: Keith & Michelle Buterbaugh


Sunday, May 28th

8:30 - Guitarist: Pastor Mike; Acolyte:

 Crucifer:  Reader: Tony Ritchie

 Ushers: Tony & Laurie Ritchie; Communion Assistant: Don Larsen;

Altar Guild Member on Duty: Robyn Taylor;

Greeters: Leonard & Sue Murphy


10:30 - Organist: David Slim; Choir Director: Randy Stephens

Acolyte: Emma Brown; Crucifer: Elijah Moyo;

Reader: Adam Holzhauer; Intoning the Psalm: Randy Stephens;

Ushers: Joe Sneddon, Eric Reinhard

 Counters: Jill Zuehlke & Johanna Welch;

 Greeters: Paul & Judy Dammes